SUP Burpees on a Standup Paddle Board

Jodelle Performing a Sup Burpee
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SUP Burpees:

There are two ways to do these total body exercises. One is with a jump and one is without. “Jumping on a SUP?” you may say? Why not! It allows for greater muscle recruitment work than on land, since you are pushing against a floating surface and calls for more stabilizer muscles to keep you losing your balance and falling in. But jumping is not necessary for this exercise to be effective so feel free to keep it low impact if you desire.

Low Impact/No Jumping:
1. Start by tying your paddle off to one side, so that it isn’t in your way. Stand in the center of your board with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.

2. Reach arms straight up over head, then squat down and place hands on the board as you step both feet back into a “plank” position or a straight line from your melon to your toes, with hips just slightly up so you can zip up the low abs into the low back.

3. Then quickly step your feet back up to starting position, stand up from a squat and reach arms back up overhead.

In the words of Van Halen “Might as well Jump”:
Same moves as above, but instead of stepping your feet back, try jumping them back together into plank position. Then quickly jump them back into start and finally jump up as you reach your arms up!

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Performed by: Jodelle Fitzwater

[author image=””>Jodelle Fitzwater “Jodelle Fitzwater is the Midwest Ambassador for BiC SUP and Certified Fitness Trainer for SUP TV. She is also a self-proclaimed mermaid because she has no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living. Find her instructional fitness videos by visiting SUP TV on YouTube and by visiting “liking” on Get Fit With Jodelle on Facebook.” [/author]
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