Cutting Edge Easy Mount Standup Paddle Board Lighting System

nocqua standup paddle lights
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Pau Hana Surf Supply and Nocqua Adventure Gear collaborate on integrated light mounting system through SeaMount
The simplest way to attach lights to a Stand Up Paddle Board

Santa Clarita, CA Pau Hana Surf Supply LLC continues to lead the way incorporating technological advances into it’s Stand Up Paddle Board designs.

nocqua standup paddle lights

Pau Hana Surf Supply and NOCQUA Adventure Gear have collaborated on a new way to attach LED light technology to SeaMount equipped Stand Up Paddle Boards.

SeaMount, created by Pau Hana, is a simple and robust way to screw anything down to a SUP. The NOCQUA 2000 by NOCQUA Adventure Gear is an innovative, waterproof LED lighting system designed to make SUP paddling at night an unforgettable experience. Easy to install – and remove – the system includes two waterproof lighting tracks, a 12V lithium ion battery pack and charger along with everything needed to bring 2000 lumens of light paddling.

Working together, Pau Hana founder Todd Caranto and NOCQUA founder Billy Rossini, created an elegant solution for quickly attaching the 2000 lumen light bars to the bottom of SUPs without a harness. Todd explains, “It’s ‘Plug N Play’, no tools are required and it only takes moments to be on the water and paddling in full light mode”.

The Nocqua compatible SeaMount is only available on Pau Hana boards and will be featured on three of its 2014 board models, the Big EZ, the Big EZ Angler fishing board, and the Lotus yoga board. Nocqua light systems and the Pau Hana boards are available through the Pau Hana authorized dealer network.

The Pau Hana Nocqua ready boards will be unveiled and available to ride at the upcoming Surf Expo in Orlando Florida, Sept 5th – 8th 2013 at Orange County convention center.

Nocqua Adventure Gear is a great partner and this partnership reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision of innovation for recreation and fun.
About Pau Hana Surf Supply LLC

Pau Hana Surf Supply is a minority-owned business founded in 2006 in Santa Clarita, CA by Asian Pacific Islander Todd Caranto (Filipino American). Pau Hana, [pronounced: pow HAH-nah], is a Hawaiian phrase that means “Work is over.” “Pau Hana Time” encapsulates the spirit of play and good times with friends and family.To that end, Pau Hana Surf Supply is a design and manufacturing company that builds equipment for that purpose. Athlete and board designer Todd Caranto, researches, designs, builds, rides, and tests all of its stand up paddle boards, adhering to a rigorous iterative development strategy. Because after the work is done, Pau Hana time is all about the ride.

About Nocqua Adventure Gear
NOCQUA Adventure Gear is more than a family of products designed for paddlers and water sports enthusiasts…it is also a collection of attitudes and experiences derived from our interactions with other people and the world around us – especially on and under the water.

The NOCQUA 2000 LED lighting system, reveals the wonders of being on the water at night in a way that simply cannot be experienced in the daylight hours. The thrill of being on the water under the stars, the connection with marine life below and a viewing experience like never before!

NOCQUA 2000 is easily adjusted to attach to any SUP, kayak or canoe. Great for group outings, NOCQUA 2000 provides a unique experience to a casual paddle, paddle for exercise, fishing, studying the environment or collecting photos and video.

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