LiftSUP handle celebrates its 2nd full year on the market and 35,000 handles in the water

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liftsup-locking-handleLaunched in 2010the patented LiftSUP is the first and only retractable handle on the market, LiftSUP is the flagship product of SUP accessory company SUP Think TankMade specifically for Stand Up Paddle Boards, LiftSUP reached a milestone at the end of their second year in business selling their 35,000 handle. LiftSUP’s popularity continues to increase as leading board manufacturers like Boardworks, Dean Watersports Invert, INT,  Isle, Kings,  RustySUPATXSurftech (Bark, Gerry Lopez) Lahui Kai, and YOLO add the handles to more of their boards every year.  The technically advanced, injection molded handles sit flush with the deck of the board when not in use. The new (2013) rubberized coating is more comfortable and also helps hold the handle in place when in the down position but still enables the handle to pop up when you need to carry or lock your board. The LiftSUP handle provides a good solid grab point that anyone can use to safely maneuver their board from car to coast.

“Adding LiftSUP to our models in 2013 was really a game changer. It makes handling and transporting boards so much easier for our customers. We have one solid year of production and sales behind us now and we are very happy with the outcome. We will definitely be moving forward with this great accessory!”  Phillip Rainey

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liftsup-handleIn addition to the LiftSUP handle system,  SUP Think Tank announced today the upcoming release of their newest product, ConnexSUP. Inspired by the need for a simple solution to mounting an overwhelming number of new accessories being introduced into the market place, the patent pending universal mounting system will function as an interface between the deck of an SUP and the bourgeoning accessory market. The ConnexSUP interchangeable plug system can be installed easily either during production or can be retrofitted at any time during the life of your board. The system is made of ballistic strength reinforced injection molded polycarbonate and uses a universal base that hosts any number of attachments i.e. ( that allow you to fully customize your paddling experience and get the most out of your equipment.

SUP Think Tank is committed to innovation and will be rolling out new products throughout the year, all of which are designed to enhance the user experience of Stand Up Paddling and create value with the relationship between paddler and board. For more information on SUP Think Tank, LiftSUP, ConnexSUP and other products visit


About SUP Think Tank:

SUP Think Tank was founded in 2010 and is located in southern California, on the coast, in the heart of paddling country. We provide products directly to manufacturers, board builders, and retrofitters. All products are available with product specific tooling and comprehensive support from our team. The SUP Think Tank pit crew lives to paddle and is always innovating and welcomes any recommendations, ideas and invitations to collaborate.

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