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Any race highlights to date?

Two races so far, and I’m pretty happy with my result in each.  I got 2nd in 12’6” Pro at the Cold Stroke Classic, and 2nd in 12’6” Pro at USNWC Tuck Fest.  I CANNOT WAIT to get on my 14’ Speedboard.  I know that I can step every aspect of my game up once I’m on one of those whips.

What are your SUP goals for 2013? Training tips?

My SUP goals are to have a whole lot of fun this year and win a respectable East Coast race in the 14’ class.  The fire is burning hot, so I’m feeling optimistic!

For training, I don’t feel established enough to offer advice, but it seems to be just like kayaking- all in the core.

You are an elite kayaker who is also now into SUP. What tips and/or advice do you have for athletic types who might want to get into SUP and racing?

Do it!  It’s the most fun and easily picked-up sport out there.  Everyone thinks SUP is going to be so tricky before they try it, but it really is extremely intuitive.  No matter what your athletic abilities, age, sex, body type, or political, religious, or 2nd amendment views, you will love this sport!  It’s impossible to get on a paddleboard and not smile…


Noccalula Falls Full Edit w/ POV from Isaac Levinson on Vimeo.

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