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The standup thing is exciting to me because of its universal applicability to so many more people than kayaking, and also because of its similarity to kayaking in power transfer and use of the core.  I am really excited to mesh my kayaking and CrossFit experience to achieve my goals in the SUP race scene as well.

How did you get into SUP and what do you like about it?

I got into SUP because a few of my friends wouldn’t stop raving about how fun it was.  I figured “might as well give this a shot.”  While I find whitewater SUP to be a painful and embarrassing way to make very easy rapids very difficult, I love paddling carbon race boards in open water.  My career as a kayaker has been focused in the extreme racing and extreme paddling genres of the sport, meaning that I have taken quite a few risks throughout my life.  SUP feels like the complement to that adrenaline and risk-taking.  SUP is all about flow- heart rate, breath, paddle stroke.  That natural cadence and rhythm feels meditative and purifying to me, and I am fully addicted.  I can’t wait to keep learning and get to know more of the community.

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