Maliko Run Paddle Imua Race to Benefit Children With Special Needs

Maliko Run Paddle Imua Race

Maliko Run Paddle Imua Race

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Paddle Imua, held on May 4, 2013, is a benefit specifically for CampImua. This event is an exciting annual fund raising event that celebratesthe lives of special needs children by embracing our connectionto the ocean, which defines our sense of place, “Hawaii’i nei”.

Camp Imua, a program of Imua Family Services, brings the communityand children with special needs together for a free weeklong, overnightrecreational camp each summer. The Camp gives school-age childrenwith “special abilities” opportunities to try new activities and connectwith others. Camp Imua 2013 is scheduled for June 7-14.

Made possible with title Sponsorship from Bluesmiths Crafted Waterwear,Hawaiian Canoe Club, and support from various athletes, andMaui business, Paddle Imua is a stand up paddle and OC1 discipline, fun,open ocean race. Spanning nearly ten miles of Maui’s beautiful NorthShore from Maliko Gulch to Kahului, Harbor, Paddle Imua is the premierkick off race and party to Maui’s long distance SUP season.

Proceeds from Paddle Imua directly benefit Camp Imua and cover thecost of nutritious meals, campground rental, transportation, medicalsupplies and the many activities enjoyed at Camp! Camp Imua is aprogram of Imua Family Services.

For further infomation, please contact Maile John at Imua Family Services:

Camp Coordinator for Camp Imua

Imua Family Services

95 Mahalani St. Suite 19A

Wailuku, HI 96793

Phone (808) 244-7467 ext 240

Fax: (808) 242-5835


Some quotes from sponsors and athletes:

John Smalley, Bluesmiths Crafted Waterwear, event Title SponsorWe couldn’t be happier that Bluesmiths is presenting Paddle Imuaagain. In Maui, we’re lucky to be able to paddle one of the world’s finestdownwind runs on a regular basis. With Paddle Imua, the Maliko Runbecomes that much more special. Whilst this is certainly a competitiveevent with some of the world’s best paddlers in attendance, it hasa very unique community feel because, at the end of the day, we’reall paddling for the benefit of Maui`s special needs kids. I think whatreally adds to Paddle Imua is the fact that it`s open to everyone in thecommunity, not just the paddlers. There is a mini festival at the HawaiianCanoe Club, too


Athlete quotes:Andrea Moller, women’s 1st place winner, Paddle Imua 2012“This race is all about the kids”, I remember hearing. It wasn’t about whois the best or the prizes, it was simply about getting together to supportthe special needs of the kids attending Camp Imua.With perfect weather conditions at last years’ event, we paddled hard,timing each other, competing to see who would get there first. Yes, Ireached my paddling goal and won the first place trophy, but the bestthing was seeing the amazing kids from Camp Imua cheering for us aswe paddled towards the finish line.I had to go to Oahu the night of the event, missing the awards ceremony,so I decided to give my trophy to one of the kids. I will never forgetseeing the photo of the little girl who picked up my trophy holding awooden bowl with the biggest smile in her face. It brought tears to myeyes. Anyone can make a difference to the kids of Camp Imua just byparticipating.


Sonni, German SUP & Surf Champion:The Bluesmiths /Paddle IMUA race was definitely my favorite race Iever took part in so far. Being a fundraiser event for kids, already makesit more special than other events. It’s a fun but also competitive racewith participants from all over the world coming to paddle the legendaryMaliko to Kahului harbor downwinder. It was an amazing event withfamiliar atmosphere, music, lots of entertainment and good food afterthe race. Taking part in this event was an unforgettable experience!Thank you to Camp Imua and Bluesmiths for making it happen.Loch Eggers, Stand-up Paddle Pioneer:I would consider the Paddle Imua event a catalyst that brings us alltogether to celebrate and respect each other on the different paths lifehas given us. I would like to give many thanks to event organizers andsponsors that made the 2012 Paddle Imua such a wonderful day. I amvery fortunate that I am able to paddle down the Maui coast and as Ipaddle I carry all the Camp Imua Kids in my heart to the finish line.By Jeremy Riggs, winner more 14 foot downwind Maliko Runs than anyone athlete:Paddle Imua 2012 was a great event, to say the least. Conditions wereperfect, for both novice and advanced paddlers. The Maliko run isone of the best in the world, and attracts worldwide attention. TheBluesmiths crew outdid itself with this event, providing their very ownNanoSphere gear and goody bags for the competitors. This multiplediscipline race was open to SUP, OC1, OC2, Surfski, and paddleboards.This was definitely one of the best races I did this year. It was a 5 starevent; I can’t wait until next year!

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