Bali Sup Wave Hunter Shop Crew Rescue Plane Crash Victims

Bali Plane Crash Rescue

Bali Plane Crash Rescue

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There was a huge black cloud right over the airport . It was clear skies 300 meters away. Winds were swirling under the cloud and a heavy rainy mist. The plane came out of the Indian Ocean towards the kuta side as they do when trades are blowing as they had been all day.

Guys say they could barely see the plane come in and slam into the water before reaching the runway. Never hit the runway at all. The boys had 4 sups and rubber dinghy. They were getting out of the water because of the wind and one of them was in the boat already when plane hit.

Two of the boys cruised over in the dinghy with two sups and started to evacuate all the passengers with both the stand ups and the dinghy. Some of them were taken to the beach in Jimbaran by dinghy. Others dropped off at the runway 30 meters away by sup. The two other guys arrived on Sups and and they began to ferry the passengers on sups starting with the kids , pregnant women, injured etc.

Using the sups as rescue boards. All of them have lifesaving training and two of them had just completed course with Balawista (Bali life saving organization) so got to put some of what they learned to use. With the help of a jukung from jimbaran with a life guard and some boats from Pantai Jerman Kuta along with airport staff on runway they got everyone evacuated.

A couple of funny stories they told me. One passenger kept falling off board but the tide had gotten so low that it was only waist deep. He was a bit panicked when one of the guys had to yell at him to just stand up and walk. He did. And the story where one of the female passenger asked them to save her hand phone first ;).

The guys did mention that all the Lion air flight crew stayed on the plane until all the passengers were off and were calm and professional. All 108 passengers and seven crew survived with minor injuries. Truly a miracle.

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