Zane Schweitzer wins at the 4th Annual Punta Sayulita SUP Classic…


Zane Schweitzer

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Zane Schweitzer wins at the 4th Annual Punta Sayulita SUP Classic for the second year in a row! Defending his championship title against some of top wave riders in the world, Zane proved that spending time training in the Mexican town of Sayulita paid off big time. The 19 year old from Maui Hawaii walked away with a 1st place in the wave event and a 2 nd place in the Elite SUP surf race.

Mexico locals were sure to deliver in both conditions and talent! The 4th Annual Punta Sayulita SUP contest was a huge success! This year we scored Sayulita with head high sets breaking both left and right, and thousands of spectators on the beach watching the fiercely contested heats. Zane Schweitzer won every one of his heats, advancing with Mo Freitas into the Quarter Finals and Starboard teammate Sean Poynter into the Semi Finals. Local knowledge seemed to pay off. the final was 3 of Mexicos top wave riders: Fernando Stalla, Tigre , and Ryan Helm to face off with Zane. In a very tight final every one of the surfers proved worthy of the win. But in the end Zane’s progressive arial maneuvers scored the victory, narrowly beating Fernando Stalla whose wave selection and speed turns impressed everyone on the beach. 3rd place was Tigre with his big power turns and Ryan helm finished 4th with rides all the way to the beach.

The ladies surf action was also fun to watch with everyone commenting on the improvement in the womens field this year. Starboard team rider Vanina Walsh from Hawaii won the Women’s division hands down! The sup racing was just as exciting in a battle of the paddle style elite surf race around buoys in and out of the surf and running along the spectator filled beach in a four lap course. The surf proved to be devastating to many of the racers, with boards flying into one another, knocking contestants off their boards and and boards speeding through the surf without their paddlers! Local favorite Fernando Stalla won the elite race to huge cheers from the crowd, with Zane Schweitzer inching out Ryan Helm to the beach for 2nd and 3rd respectively. Matt Becker from California came in 4 th place.


Men’s Sup surf top 5w photo 1[2]-1photo 2[2]-1
1 Zane Schweitzer
2 Fernando Stalla
3 Tigre Cadena
4 Ryan helm
5 Sean Poynter

Women’s SUP Surf
1 Vanina Walsh
2 Karen Jacobson
3 Fiona Welder
4 Izzi Gomez
D4A_3096[1]-1photo 4[2]-1
Elite sup surf
1 Fernando Stalla
2 Zane Schweitzer
3 Ryan helm
4 Matt Becker

Long distance
1 Ryan helm
2 Mo Freitas
3 Fernando Stalla

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