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December 3, 2012 – San Clemente, California


The California based Stand Up Paddleboard company, Corran LLC, announced today that they have moved all of their production of epoxy boards to the USA. In an effort to be both more financially and environmentally responsible, this is an important step. The company already manufactures all of its plastic boards in the USA, and this is its second major move in bringing jobs back to the USA.


“I believe it is critical to support the local economy,” stated Corran Paddleboard designer Corran Addison. “Only in giving back to the community, and creating jobs here can we truly say that we are behind the Aloha spirit of surfing. It’s important for the top brands to do more than just profit from this fast growing sport. You have to give back, be a part of the community that makes this sport so amazing.”


This means that now almost the entire line of Corran boards are built in the USA. The only boards that are still manufactured offshore are the inflatables because no one in the USA has the technology to build them presently.


“Manufacturing in the USA means that we can produce a better board,” continued Addison. “We can micro manage quality control, service reorders in a timely matter, and be far more pro-active that we can with off shore manufacturing, where it can take several months to have new orders fulfilled, and even then its like Forrest Gump – you never know what you’re going to get.”


When Stand Up Paddling first started, none of the USA surfboard manufacturers wanted to touch them and so the industry was forced to take it overseas. With the crash in surfboard sales, more US factories are looking for the work, and this opened the door for Corran SUP to bring it back to US shores.


“This hasn’t been easy,” stated the company CFO Anthony Donohue. “Everyone down the line had to look hard at costs and do what they could to make this financially viable, but after months of work we’ve finally done it. We will now be able to put some of the best boards on the market for a very reasonable price. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished.”


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