Surf Legend Aussie Ian Cairns at the Hobie Booth During Surf Expo


How cool is THIS???

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I finally got to meet “Bustin’ Down the Doors” [a MUST click movie trailer link is below!] era surf legend Aussie Ian Cairns at the Hobie booth during Surf Expo…
and hearing his story about sup’ing up in Santa Cruz with our bud John ‘JG’ Griffith….
Ian paddled from Privates with John (who cautioned Cairns it’s not a good idea to take it WAY up to the hardcore laydown den of Sewer Peak)… but Ian told me “I don’t like rules”… Killer, love it!!…
he arrived to a non welcoming batch of stink eye at Sewer Peak and basically Ian told the local hecklers to take a hike, then proceeded to rip the biggest set wave… CLASSIC Cairns!! Is it any surprise that all the Bustin’ Down the Doors standups, MR, Shaun Tomson, Rabbit, PT and Ian are into sup? That’s like the freakin’ BEATLES all endorsing one sport!! You’ve gotta watch this landmark “Bustin'” movie trailer; if you were part of this era you WILL get goosebumps, if not you will just go ‘NO WAY, where do i sign up to be a surfer?’:

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