Book a ticket and kiss your loved ones good bye, you won’t regret it

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Hey Everybody, it’s THAT time of year again — yes, it’s the Surf Expo this Thurs. thru Sat. in Orlando — BUT also time for wave-savvy sup chargers to book their flights and prep to make their way to Angel Salinas’s classic Central Surf Pro 2012 sup contest at Puerto Escondido, Mexico, Sept. 20-23… Puerto features THE most challenging sup drops on the planet!! … and to entice more to come and compete (or just to watch!), San Franciso big wave sup charger Ian Wallace files this pre-event report from the Mexican Pipeline:

Before any trip I’m always second guessing, worried it won’t be worth it and so in order to encourage you all to throw down your hard earned cash and come to Puerto I thought I would relate how epic the past 4 days in Puerto have been. (Friday August 31st till Monday September 3rd)

The surf in San Francisco has been really bad this summer, it’s really never good, but this year has been brutal. So when I saw the forecast for maxing Puerto this weekend I booked a flight. Ryan Seelbach from Mavericks was on the same plane and offered me a ride to Puerto, he forgot his glasses and I kept feeding him beers while it just poured rain=awesome drive. The whole crew was already there: John John and his brothers, Greg Long, Jamie Sterling, Timmy Reyes, Gavin Beschen, Ian Walsh, Coco Nogales, Savannah Shaughnessy , Danny Fuller, 4 kamikaze tow surfers from Eureka, plus more guys you all would recognize and a bunch more underground chargers going for it.

Friday morning was pretty nuts, 20+ second energy with some decent lulls so you could get out. Chocolate triple overhead barrels everywhere. Stayed clean all day and the evening was super good and uncrowded.

Saturday was even bigger, every set triple overhead and way bigger sets every hour. Jamie Sterling and Reno Makani were doing step offs, Jamie with a Go Pro in his mouth…

Sunday was more manageable at double overhead. Everybody was sitting at Far Bar and John John and crew was sitting inside getting barreled. The lineup followed them in and a 4X overhead set came through and cleaned up everybody but me and my new friend Rafael. We had been talking and sitting way out the back and got pulled a bit out in a rip. Rafael literally made it by a few feet. I watched him duck dive two 25 foot faces in a row as the wave barreled over him. As I was paddling over the top and looking back down into the abyss his eyes bugging out of his head and then muscles on his neck were pulled tight with fear and exertion. Total carnage, just the two of us avoided destruction. Only 2 minutes later John John comes paddling back out like nothing happened, spins on a triple overhead closeout and goes…

Monday morning was perfect, double overhead barrels everywhere. I saw Timmy Reyes make an impossibly late drop, guys were getting barreled.

Book a ticket and kiss your loved ones good bye, you won’t regret it.


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