The Effort, the Team, the Fall Issue of The Standup Journal


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Each year at this time Paul, uber driver for DHL Express makes a supreme effort to unload super advance copies of The Standup Journal. He has heard the whole breathless story from me many times… “two months in advance, huge cost, special shipment tracked from China, must NOT get wet, lives depend on this issue at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show!”….

This year the issue is so heavy I knew he’d need maximum power just to get the massive 10 boxes to my garage in Salt Lake City.

I missed him early, he’s so loyal to The Team, he calls me, “on my way up to Park City, in first gear, chugging up Parleys Canyon”. ???

Its 93 degrees, he lost his transmission in his van, now driving in first gear, up a 9% grade canyon road that claims thousands of cars each year. We agree to talk in an hour…I think dark thoughts…after all, I’m the FIRST person in the USA to get a preview read. Well maybe the ship captain gets tempted, he knows he’s carrying gold.

Paul calls as he’s smokin’ down Parley’s Canyon, he’s tilted downward at 7,500′, “I’m in neutral, weaving in and out of 18 wheelers, but YOU NEED YOUR JOURNALS!!! I paced, as we agreed if he didn’t hit a moose or deer in 9 miles, or burn up his brakes, we would meet on the side of the freeway so he wouldn’t break down at my house.

His breaking down could interrupt my reading time, not good, I like Paul and all, but hey I’ve been waiting a month, he fully understands once he drops the load, I’m in The Library. Then I had a vision of all those cherished Journals going up in smoke, so I knew I had the executive powers from headquarters to hose down the van, maybe Paul, but save the Journals. I couldn’t take the suspense, jumped in the car, aiming for a yellow DHL van with some ‘issues’, literally!

Paul nursed the van onto an offramp, we made the secure pass off, he has a year to rest, and I’m busy reading another ‘raise the bar issue’ that is guaranteed to wow the sup crowd this coming week.

Moral of the Story: Get a Brinks Truck next year

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