Sup’er Early Fall 2012 Issue Preview Laird Hamilton


Here’s your exclusive SUP’ER EARLY “Fall 2012” issue PREVIEW and the background story that goes with it:

Global Partner

We just got a stoked email from Hawaiian photographer Brav Ellis responding to the preview we sent him for his ok of his Fall issue photo layout on Laird’s Winter in The Islands.

Brav was stoked, and emailed me: “I didn’t even know you were doing a Laird story.”

I replied: “We WEREN’T doing a Laird story, Brav!!” LOL… “UNTIL your [and French ace Sylvain Cazenave’s] shots came in, bruddah!”

I went on to tell Brav “That’s how we operate: we rarely say, ‘Let’s do a story on ____’

“… instead we START with what the photographers have created for us…. WHAT a concept, huh? “)

“THEN we write or ask a writer (or better YET we ask the ATHLETE) to provide killer supporting copy…. the words in almost ALL cases come second…

“the PHOTOS are FIRST, they are the “trigger.”

YET another reason to subscribe to the first ever/the original and most coveted sup mag on the