Rarig Boathouse Mother’s Day

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I just wanted to take a moment to thank the Rarig family for providing this special Mother’s Day event.
Where would we be without our moms?
We can be thankful for this unique setting, on a perfect day, sharing stories and catching a few waves.  We couldn’t ask for more.

OK, 6-8 foot at Abalones sounds good!

There are a few people I would like to recognize in our tight little Kelpfarmer group.

First, I would like to tell you a story about a young gremmie that has brought a new meaning to the term “Early Riser”. He is up before the sun and finished with his surf session, before most people are waking up.
The “Dawn Patrol Award” goes to Keelan Rarig.

Next is a guy that has tried it all.  From Nascar tales to wetsuit sales.
This guy burns up more fossil fuel than Mario Andretti.
His latest adventure is driving the eighteen wheeler big rig.
So the “Mother Trucker of the Year Award” goes to Kelly Stewart.

Ok, it’s time to recognize a few outstanding women on this special Mother’s Day.
Our next recipient is an avid mother with a huge smile.  That smile usually increases Friday afternoon when the blender starts roaring.
This year’s “Best Margarita Maker” goes to Shannon Glinn for her outstanding achievement in the  mixed fuel category.

Our next recipient has not been standing still.  He ventures from here to Baja and back.  He lusts after his wife’s standup board and often steals it when she goes in.  He realizes his Gerry Lopez Model is of inferior quality and is not cutting the mustard, but hasn’t pulled the trigger on a new board.
Therefore the “I Wish I Had a Striker Award” goes to Mike Enriquez.
Jimmy, sign this guy up!

A large majority of the food we have sampled today has been prepared by our next nominee.  She is constantly on the go, shuffling her boys to every activity.  She has one specialty that goes above and beyond imagination.
The “Best Toffee Ever Award” goes to Tami Rarig.

As our group gets larger and the surf starts pumping, we want to recognize this next person of true waterman status.  He is right up there with Dave Kalama, Kai Lenny and Duke Kahanamoku.  I am honored to present this award to Richard Harrison for “The Most Salt Water Time.”

On a scale of one to ten, our next person to be recognized is a twenty!  No matter if there is work to be done or a wave to be ridden, this kid continues to pump out enthusiasm.
It is my honor to present Coel Rarig with the “Best Stoke Ever Award”.

Our last honoree has been instrumental in shaping surfing’s history.  From his early days shaping a board in woodshop to building a world wide name as the leader in standup and kiteboarding,  it gives me great pleasure to give Jimmy Lewis the “Best Boards Ever Award.”

Thanks again to all of our moms for making things right with the world!

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