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SAN DIEGO, California – FCS SUP has long been interested in making sure that our gear not only gets into the right hands but that it truly makes a difference in the way people feel on the water. We have worked countless hours to ensure that the quality and effectiveness of our gear truly accomplishes the purpose of its function.  That is why we are super stoked to announce the launch of the FCS SUP “FEEL THE DIFFERENCE” FREE GEAR GIVE-AWAY!

This is your chance to tell us, FCS SUP, just how much you love your gear!  What is it that sets FCS apart for you and which is the most valuable FCS SUP item you own?  From fins to leashes, rashies, traction pads, auto straps / racks and board bags there are an array of supplies to talk about and help you win the contest!

All you have to do is simply share a photo of yourself with your FCS SUP gear and briefly tell us how it helps you “Feel the Difference” with your paddling.  All the entries will be reviewed and after approval will be shared on facebook and twitter for feedback and voting.  The public feedback will partially determine the winner, however, we at FCS retain all rights to make any and all final decisions about who wins.  The winner will consult with us and receive new FCS SUP Gear that will best benefit their current stand up paddleboard needs!

Hurry and act now!  Don’t put this off!  Get yourself in gear and share your picture and story so you can” Feel the FCS Difference” even more by winning new gear. Enter the contest on the FCS SUP Facebook Page!

Chris Chaster said, “Love my FCS Slater Fin, it makes the M&M board even faster plus it looks amazing… everybody oohs and aaaws :)”

Robert Ainslie said, “FCS HI-1 Performance Core helps us control the board together. Love the drive.”

About FCS SUP:

In the early 1990’s a man by the name of Brian Whitty approached three local surfers from the Northern Beaches of Sydney with a brainwave; removable surfboard fins.  Removable fins would make traveling easier, allow surfers to change their fin setup to suit varying conditions, and more importantly, give them the opportunity to change the performance of their surfboard simply by using a different fin template.  Over the preceding months the idea was transformed into a reality and FCS was born. Since its global release in 1994, 28 ASP World Titles and countless events have been won riding FCS. No other system in the world can lay claim to a single ASP World Title in either the men’s, women’s, junior’s, or longboard divisions. Our success is a testament to FCS advantages over other fin systems, inclucing traditional fixed fins as well.


Today we have FCS operations in several continents, with expanding global distribution networks strategically positioned to ensure the products are available all over the world. We have over 80 staff members located in six major offices including Australia, France, Japan, Hawaii, California and Florida. We continue to be dedicated to the design, manufacturing and marketing of innovative and quality surfing hardware and surf travel products which has also expanded into stand up paddleboard as well.


At FCS we do our best to make high-quality innovative products that will help you improve your performance and your standup paddle experience in and out of the water. We are honored to work with a long list of legends and to partner with them to help improve their performance and yours. We believe that the sport of standup paddling is largely about empowerment and helping people to enjoy their lives and achieve their performance goals. We are excited to share these products with you in our FCS catalog and we hope that you will be excited to share them with your friends and your customers. We hope that you will also share that same spirit of aloha that came from Hawaii so many years ago. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving.





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