Suplove Offers Free Board And Journey Into SUP


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Suplove Offers Free Board & Journey Into SUP

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California – Fasten your seat belt and hold on tight because two opportunities are about to come your way that don’t happen every day.  First is the chance to win a brand new, beautifully crafted, FREE Suplove stand up paddleboard and paddle.  The second is an even more powerful opportunity to use the new equipment to change your life with a documented journey into SUP.

To understand how this will work, first consider the following:  Have you ever needed a really good reason to commit to something and get motivated?  Or perhaps you have been motivated but just haven’t been able to get your hands on the items needed to make your dream a reality.  Or maybe there are a unique set of circumstances in your life and you could really use something new and fresh to give a little extra love and hope.  Well, if you relate to any part of this and you are open to a little adventure in your life, then now is your chance to do something about it through a company whose name says it all.

Suplove SUP shares the motto, “Everyone, Everywhere.”  They are undoubtedly the epitome of inclusiveness in the stand up paddle board industry, and sharing a little SUP Love to them is definitely more than just a name.  That is why it’s not surprising that they have decided to award someone a new Suplove stand up paddleboard with a documented journey into the SUP world.

Here is how it will work: Simply visit the Suplove Facebook Page and click on the “Win Free Paddleboard” App.

Submit a photo of yourself and write a brief description of why you deserve to win.  Be sure to explain how wining the board and the journey into SUP will make an impact for good in your life that otherwise would be difficult to accomplish.  All the entries will be reviewed and after being approved will be shared on the Suplove Facebook and Twitter pages so that people everywhere can comment and vote for the person they feel deserves to win.  Suplove will take all the votes into account and ultimately choose a winner based on votes and judges choice.

Remember, now is your chance!  The door is open but it won’t stay that way for long!  Hurry and send in your submission or nominate a friend.  Then rally your family and friends to get your vote count up and we’ll all enjoy spreading a little more Suplove together.

Who do you know that deserves a FREE SUP Board and Paddle?]

Suplove is a dedicated SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Company providing high quality stand up paddle boards, gear, training and events to paddlers everywhere. They believe in being connected and respectful as well as taking care of the environment and one another. They focus on family and community and encourage taking time to rediscover, challenge and excite life.  With Suplove everyone is welcome and their goal is to share the love and joy of stand up paddle with everyone, everywhere.