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Hi Clay,

You may or may not have seen this image floating around the internet, but I recently paddled off my local beach in South Florida to try my luck fishing on my new Bote Board. As the Editor of Florida Sport Fishing Magazine, I’ve been fortunate to travel the world and have likely caught hundreds of sailfish in my lifetime. My best day in Guatemala we released 35 in only a few hours. This picture was taken on my third trip offshore on my Bote – from my beach in Delray, FL I can reach 100-foot depths within 1-mile from shore. This is unique to South Florida and one of the only reasons this catch was at all possible. I don’t think this is that crazy, just another way to have fun on my SUP. I was recently shown a thread that has a whole bunch of misinformation about this picture. ( Apparently, I’m someone’s uncle…not to mention a sailfish killer. Sailfish are cherished on our coast and caught with catch-and-release tactics. People think this is completely staged and/or fake, but the joke is on them as I had a camera crew follow me throughout the day. We have the entire bite, fight and release on video without any boat assistance. Unfortunately, our second season of Florida Sport Fishing TV doesn’t air until July so all of the haters have to wait until then. People are really ignorant about what can be accomplished on a SUP… Not sure if you guys would be interested, but it could make for a nice feature in Standup Journal.

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