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The Gift Of Stand Up Paddling

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By Stuart Murray

The Gift of Stand Up Paddling

I grew up in a backwater surf town living the dream life by the beach; eventually I left to spend years traveling the globe in search of The Perfect Wave.
I settled down to carve out a career and appreciate the waves that rolled up to my local beach. Then, just five years ago, a couple buds and I sat together in a driftwood beach hut still dripping wet from a surf session, and watched wide eyed as two people paddled around the headland. They were standing up on boards! I had never seen such a thing. They paddled into wave after wave… then moved down the coast and out of sight. Just one look at them gliding and flowing and my life changed forever.
I immediately became a complete beginner at something for the first time in years. But the beginner stage of sup is the shortest of any…  To read the whole story and see it in amazing real life color then visit our SUJ Store Locator and pick yourself up a copy.  Make sure to subscribe now and get our future issues at a 32% discount.

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