A Shot From The Noosa Festival


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MOONWALKER “Here is a shot from a trip we did during the Noosa Festival last year. With a pumping swell, we decided to check out one of the more isolated points north of Noosa. We didn’t exactly score pumping waves, but it was fun nonetheless.

“This is one of my favorite turns to do. Taking a tail slide that most people like to do on the open face, and doing it over the lip makes it feel that much better. For me, to do this turn properly you need a good section to hit. It works best on a closeout section as you can see in the shots. For this turn you need a pretty good bottom turn to make it work and you need to be carrying a lot of speed to project the fins out the back of the wave. Then it’s all about taking that stroke to rotate the board over the lip and using the paddle to balance as you slide back down the whitewash. You might spend a lot of time trying to nail this one, but once you land one it’s worth it!
“At the moment I’m 18 and still living at home at Noosa. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling for both kiting and standup, and after doing pretty well at the Huntington Beach [Standup World Tour stop] event, I’m definitely keen to try getting to a few more next year.”
-Keahi DeAboitiz

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